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Special Campaign Diesel Men's Seasonal Wrap Introduction Keep

Diesel Men's Keep


Diesel Men's Keep

Product description

Keep your street style fresh with this cool slip-on from Diesel. The grainy leather shoe boasts stitched overlays, a logoed hook-and-loop strap, and a grippy rubber sole to keep you steady.

Diesel has long been a leading pioneer in denim and casual fashion, known for moving outside and ahead of trends in its industry. Renzo Rosso created the Diesel brand in 1978, choosing the name because it is easy to understand, pronounced the same way around the world, and has a rugged feel about it; at that time, diesel was also considered an "alternative energy" so it was representative of an alternative taste in casual wear. While always retaining its DNA, in recent years Diesel has evolved into the world of premium casual wear, becoming a true alternative to the established luxury market. Diesel thrives on change: it produces no less than 3,000 new products each season and each one derives from a process of enormous creative freedom, thus ensuring constant innovation.

Diesel Men's Keep

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