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Midlee Elegant Black White Stripe Large Tutu New Orleans Mall Dog Dress Max 76% OFF

Midlee Elegant Black White Stripe Tutu Large Dog Dress


Midlee Elegant Black White Stripe Tutu Large Dog Dress

Product description

Size:Large Dog XXX-Large

A black and white striped knit spaghetti straps racerback top with a black crinoline tutu skirt make this the perfect dress for any elegant occasion. The crinoline tutu skirt 'puffs' when layers are separated for a fuller look. Dress easily slips on and off. Why should small dogs have all the fun? Midlee Large Dog Dresses are perfect for people with large dogs who still want to dress them up! - XXX-Large fits a 25" neck, 36" chest, and 22" back length

Midlee Elegant Black White Stripe Tutu Large Dog Dress

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