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Hamster Bridge Rat Ladder Challenge the Ranking TOP14 lowest price of Japan ☆ Wooden Toy Ca Small Animals for

Hamster Bridge Rat Ladder Wooden Bridge Toy for Small Animals Ca


Hamster Bridge Rat Ladder Wooden Bridge Toy for Small Animals Ca


Product Description



  • Product Name: Hamiledyi fruitwood Twig Ladder Cage Bridge
  • Package include: 4 X Hamiledyi fruitwood Twig Ladder Cage Bridge
  • Measurement: 8-inch L x 4-inch W
  • Cute bridge is made from natural wood sticks held together with two flexible metal wires.

NOTE:Please check regularly for signs of chewing and replace when necessary.

Suitable for chewing and climbing and Hide oneself. Can be used as a tunnel, bridge, or ramp,encourages exploration and exercise


Multi-purpose feature

  • Bends easily to fit a variety of shapes and angles and holds the position
  • Like a ladder or ramp to help your pet to reach elevated areas
  • Decor as habatit fence or divider in your natural-landscape cage or pet enclosure
  • Work as a barricade by putting it on its side
  • Can also be curled into a domed shelter your furry friend will use as a warm, cozy nest.

Adjusted to different shapes to organize pet's playground or active platform depends on your pet's demands, provide them a distinctive fun time

  • A fun vantage and lookout point for small animals your lovely pet to help alleviate the loneliness of anxiety,play with it when you are not at home.You can use more than one at a time in the cage or for replacement.
  • Hamster natural wood toy is durable- A perfect decor add-on in the natural habitats theme, stimulate hamsters to exercise and promote their coordination amp; balance skills when walk, meet hamsters desire of climbing and exploration. Some hammy owner will leave some treats or seeds on the bridge, guide hamsters to search for food

Natural Chew Material:Safe for chewing to satisfy her instinctual urges and help keep incisor teeth trimmed and healthy

  • Cute fruitwood sticks Bridge is organic. Ideal to grind the teeth or satisfying gnawing instinct for Hamster,Gerbils,Squirrel,Mice,Rats,Sugar glider, Chinchilla,Gecko,tortoiseand other small sized pocket pets

Hamster Bridge Rat Ladder Wooden Bridge Toy for Small Animals Ca


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