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FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Small Dogs, Bamboo Elevated


FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Small Dogs, Bamboo Elevated


Product Description

FOREYY Raised Dog bowls designed for Small, Medium, Lagre Dogs and Cats!

Why you need an elevated feeder for your love pets?

While traditionally placed at ground level, there are several benefits for dogs when their food and water bowls are raised. Placing a dog bowl at the proper height for a dog allows him to maintain proper standing posture. When the head is kept above the stomach, food travels more efficiently down the digestive tract. Additionally, when bowls are at the proper height for dogs, there is less strain on their leg joints and neck.

100% bamboo design that will enhance any room décor

4'' Tall Pet bowl stand size: 15.35 inch length, 7.48 inch width and 4 inch tall

  • Water Resistant and Anti-Slip.
  • Keeps feeding area cleaner and easy to clean.
  • Taking the best quality natural bamboo material, durable and non deformation.
  • Bowl insets takes inclined design which make the bowls are more stable.
  • Anti-slip feet on bowl insets which eliminated the impact sound when pets are eating.

2 Premium Quality Stainless Steel Bowls included.

It is durable, sanitary, non-leaching and dishwasher safe. The stainless steel bowls are easy to clean.

Size of the bowl

4''Tall: 6.3'' outer diameter and 1.93'' deep. Hold approximately 2.5 cup dry food or 20 oz water.

  • Aging pets,
  • Pets with arthritis,
  • pets with neck or back problems,
  • Pets susceptible to bloat or megaesophagus.

Promotes digestive health.

Makes mealtime more comfortable for your pets.

  • Made from gorgeous bamboo wood prized for its water resistant qualities. Enhance any room décor (no MDF used)
  • Anti- slip feet prevent feeder from moving around and scratching your floors.

  • Easy to clean in just minutes
  • Hygienic and sanitary solution
  • Sturdy and long lasting construction
  • With color box packing. Perfect Gift!
  • Include: 4 inch raised dog bowl*1
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7 '' Raised pet bowls 10 '' Raised pet bowls 15 '' Raised pet bowls Set of 2 Single Raised Pet Bowls Adjustable Raised Dog Stand Elevated Ceramic Cat Feeder
Height 7 Inch 10 Inch 15 Inch 4'' Tall, Tilted and flat,two mode available adjustable from 2.8" to 13.2" 4'' Tall
Great for Small to Medium Dogs Medium to Large Dogs Large amp; Big Dogs Cats amp; Small Dogs Small, Medium, Large, Big Dogs Cats amp; Small Dogs
Water resistant finish
Anti slip feet

FOREYY Raised Pet Bowls for Cats and Small Dogs, Bamboo Elevated

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