Power,Watt,www.bitcoindicate.com,(8004-3AAAA),Wolo,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Bulb,/guilefully1526980.html,Lightning,Four,Supply,80,Emerg,$108 $108 Wolo (8004-3AAAA) Lightning 80 Watt Power Supply Four Bulb Emerg Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories $108 Wolo (8004-3AAAA) Lightning 80 Watt Power Supply Four Bulb Emerg Automotive Lights Lighting Accessories Power,Watt,www.bitcoindicate.com,(8004-3AAAA),Wolo,Automotive , Lights Lighting Accessories,Bulb,/guilefully1526980.html,Lightning,Four,Supply,80,Emerg,$108 Wolo 8004-3AAAA Lightning A surprise price is realized 80 Watt Emerg Bulb Supply Four Power Wolo 8004-3AAAA Lightning A surprise price is realized 80 Watt Emerg Bulb Supply Four Power

Wolo 8004-3AAAA Lightning A favorite surprise price is realized 80 Watt Emerg Bulb Supply Four Power

Wolo (8004-3AAAA) Lightning 80 Watt Power Supply Four Bulb Emerg


Wolo (8004-3AAAA) Lightning 80 Watt Power Supply Four Bulb Emerg

Product description

Style:4 Amber Bulbs

The Wolo 8004-3AAAA emergency strobe light kit is designed for reliability and high performance, with four (4) grommet style strobe bulbs that are encapsulated in silicon for moisture protection and to protect against road vibration. The bulbs easily install into a 1” hole, which is drilled into each headlight and taillight assembly. The power supply, 8004-PS is heavy-duty, with an operating voltage of 12-24 VDC and has four outlets producing 80-watts of output power. Engineered with a state-of-the-art field proven microprocessor, to provide years of dependable service. The power supply has a heavy-duty aluminum-mounting bracket that secures with four screws, provided. There are six (6) advanced flash patterns to choose from, which are controlled with the touch of a button from the control panel provided. The is the perfect choice for any fire/rescue, police, ambulances or construction vehicles that require powerful hidden warning lights that will vastly increase visibility, so to be seen. Kit includes: 80-watt power supply, four (4) strobe bulbs with 6” wire leads an locking connector, four (4) high voltage cables with locking connectors, switch control panel, mounting hardware and easy to follow instructions in English / Spanish.

From the manufacturer

Wolo (8004-3AAAA) Lightning 80 Watt Power Supply Four Bulb Emerg



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