$7 PIVBY Wood Bird Cage Perch Colorful Parrot Stand Toy Platform Pa Pet Supplies Birds PIVBY Wood Bird Cage Perch Colorful Toy Parrot Super-cheap Stand Pa Platform PIVBY,Stand,Cage,Colorful,Parrot,Pa,www.bitcoindicate.com,Platform,/disordained1025704.html,Perch,Pet Supplies , Birds,$7,Bird,Wood,Toy $7 PIVBY Wood Bird Cage Perch Colorful Parrot Stand Toy Platform Pa Pet Supplies Birds PIVBY,Stand,Cage,Colorful,Parrot,Pa,www.bitcoindicate.com,Platform,/disordained1025704.html,Perch,Pet Supplies , Birds,$7,Bird,Wood,Toy PIVBY Wood Bird Cage Perch Colorful Toy Parrot Super-cheap Stand Pa Platform

PIVBY Wood Bird Cage Perch Fees free!! Colorful Toy Parrot Super-cheap Stand Pa Platform

PIVBY Wood Bird Cage Perch Colorful Parrot Stand Toy Platform Pa


PIVBY Wood Bird Cage Perch Colorful Parrot Stand Toy Platform Pa

Product description

Still Bothering With Your Bird Long Foot Nail and Sharp Beak? An Essential Tool for your bird addition to your bird's home!!! High nature material and can be wash by water! Just get one for your pet.Your Worry,PIVBY Cares!

Why buy Bird Perch?

1:Nature Material -our bird perch stand is made of natural quartz sands and inside is pure nature wood with food grade color.
2:Very easy to use and clean--the perch easily attaches to fit any size cage,and also very easy to clean,just wash with soap and water.
3:The stand bird perch provides excellent foot exercise and the hard coating on the surface keeps beaks and nails trimmed naturally,safety to chew as well.

Toy 1: 0.79"*5.51"(2*15cm)
Toy 2: 0.79"*7.87"(2*20cm)
Toy 3: 0.79"*9.84"(2*25cm)

Material: Quartz sand + Wooden
Color: Random
Package Included: 3 * Parrot Perch Toys

PIVBY Wood Bird Cage Perch Colorful Parrot Stand Toy Platform Pa

Image:  Robe Camel Farm, Limestone Coast

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