Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery Charger2PCS 1 Spasm price in 2 Ch in,Ch,1,Toys Games , Vehicles,$60,2800mah,2PCS,Fytoo,Battery,Charger2PCS,2,www.bitcoindicate.com,/consumptivity1198654.html,7.4V,Lithium $60 Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery 2 in 1 Charger2PCS Ch Toys Games Vehicles $60 Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery 2 in 1 Charger2PCS Ch Toys Games Vehicles in,Ch,1,Toys Games , Vehicles,$60,2800mah,2PCS,Fytoo,Battery,Charger2PCS,2,www.bitcoindicate.com,/consumptivity1198654.html,7.4V,Lithium Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery Charger2PCS 1 Spasm price in 2 Ch

Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery Charger2PCS 1 [Alternative dealer] Spasm price in 2 Ch

Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery 2 in 1 Charger2PCS Ch


Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery 2 in 1 Charger2PCS Ch

Product description

Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery amp; 2 in 1 chargeramp;2PCS Charging Box for HS700 HS700D aerial brushless four-axis aircraft black battery remote drone accessories

Product Information:

The power indicator light is always red when the charging box is powered on; the green light flashes slowly when the battery is charged; the battery is full and the green light is on.

Guarantee more flight time, high drain lithium-polymer rechargable battery.
Batteries come equipped with built-in protection mechanism for safe charging and use.
The internal battery protection device installed, the user has to protect the safety, you can rest assured that the use of the item
battery connector is exactly same shape with the original battery ,no loose problems

Package Content:
2PCS7.4V 2800mah lithium battery
1PCS 2 IN1 Charger
2PCS Charging Box
1PCS Charging Line

Any questions, please no hesitation to contact with me , we will very pleasure to service for you.

Fytoo 2PCS 7.4V 2800mah Lithium Battery 2 in 1 Charger2PCS Ch

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