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Bitter Apricot Seeds Direct stock discount Kernels Pesticide California Max 45% OFF USA Grown

Bitter Apricot Seeds / Kernels, California USA Grown, Pesticide


Bitter Apricot Seeds / Kernels, California USA Grown, Pesticide


Product Description

Miracle Farming Apricot seeds Banner

Bitter Is Better

If You Don’t Taste the Bitterness, You’re Not Getting B17.. All of Miracle Farming’s seeds are bitter and you can taste it! Our Bitter Raw Apricot Seeds are the freshest and of the highest quality. Our bitter apricot seeds are grown in California. They have not been steamed, sun-dried or cooked so they retain their full nutritional value.

Our seeds have been independently laboratory tested and contain on average 20mg of Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) per seed. You can mix your bitter apricot seeds into shakes, smoothies or juices for a tastier supplement.

Please Research for Yourself Why the B17 in Apricot Seeds May Be Beneficial for Your Health

Apricot Seeds Built Points

Packed with B17, B15, Protein, Fiber, Vitamins, amp; Enzymes

Apricot seeds are one of the top 10 healthiest seeds on Earth! They are a great whole food source, naturally offering many nutritional benefits such as providing B17, also known as Amygdalin, which is an important nutrient that helps support your immune system. Apricot seeds are known as a “Superseed” because they are packed with B15 (pangamic acid), B17, vitamins E amp; A, and enzymes. Plus, they are high in dietary fiber, protein, and monounsaturated fat. Pangamic acid may improve exercise endurance and oxygenation of the heart, brains, and other vital organs. Vitamins E amp; A are both powerful antioxidants. And, enzymes aid in the absorption of nutrients so you get the most out of these little nutritional wonders.


Free from pesticide and herbicides. NOT pasteurized and NOT sun-dried, steamed or cooked to ensure maximum effectiveness. Our seeds are professionally packed in resealable bags for ease of use, access, and storage. Immediately sealed to ensure freshness and quality. Store in the provided bag in a cool, dry place.


Grown in California USA, Certified pesticide and herbicide-free. We follow GMP manufacturing standards and comply with the highest required certification regulations.

Bitter Apricot Seeds / Kernels, California USA Grown, Pesticide

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