ANJOSHI,$14,20A-300A,with,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Amp,Breaker,Water,Manual,Reset,,/braguette1025988.html,200,Circuit $14 ANJOSHI 200 Amp Circuit Breaker 20A-300A with Manual Reset Water Automotive Replacement Parts ANJOSHI 200 Amp Circuit Breaker Water Financial sales sale Reset with Manual 20A-300A $14 ANJOSHI 200 Amp Circuit Breaker 20A-300A with Manual Reset Water Automotive Replacement Parts ANJOSHI,$14,20A-300A,with,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Amp,Breaker,Water,Manual,Reset,,/braguette1025988.html,200,Circuit ANJOSHI 200 Amp Circuit Breaker Water Financial sales sale Reset with Manual 20A-300A

ANJOSHI 200 Amp Circuit Breaker Water Financial sales sale Reset with Manual shop 20A-300A

ANJOSHI 200 Amp Circuit Breaker 20A-300A with Manual Reset Water


ANJOSHI 200 Amp Circuit Breaker 20A-300A with Manual Reset Water

Product description


This Circuit Breaker offers critical protection to your system.
When the system is over power or short circuit, the breaker will cut and save your equipment
No need to replace the fuses, the system can be reset by a simple switch which also offers safe and instant system shut down.

-Models: 30A/40A/50A/60A/80A/100A/150A/200A/250A/300A
-Manual Reset Circuit Breaker
-Power Rating: 200 Ampere
-Voltage: DC 12V - 36V (Max)
-Red manual reset button
-Operating Temperature: -32C to 82C (-25F to 180F)
-Storage Temperature: -34C to 149C (-30F to 300F)
-Surface Mount, protective stud insulator included
-Size: 72mm x 46mm x 31mm

-Water resistant housing.
-High Current Circuit Breaker, to protect to your system.
-Unique Push Button Reset can also be used as a Kill Switch.
-Self-test, manual control and easy to operate with manual reset arm.
-Prevents excessive current and stops power surges from damaging Amps.
-Can be mounted on Panel or Firewall.
-Application: Typically used in auxiliary and accessory circuits for Boat, Trucks, Buses, Marine, RV and ATV applications. Also can used as an on/off button switch for the battery or DC sound system.

Packing list:
1 x 200 Amp Circuit Breaker with Manual Reset

ANJOSHI 200 Amp Circuit Breaker 20A-300A with Manual Reset Water

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