Parma Calcio Makes Second Partnership With Gravity Sports For 2021/22 Season

Parma Calcio 1913, an Italian professional football club has announced a partnership with Gravity Sport, a leading-edge NFT marketplace and sports entertainment blockchain technology business according to a recent press release.

Per the announcement, the new collaboration with Gravity Sport will mark the team’s second partnership for the 2021/22 season. Hence making Gravity Sports become the first global blockchain NFT marketplace to support an elite football club with a Jersey Partnership.

Gravity Sport’s ability to make clubs, fans, and communities enjoy valuable moments as well as posing NFTs to being globally accessible will help Parma Calcio enjoy a new twist of existing moments with the use of technology.

The Managing Director – Corporate of Parma Calcio 1913, Jaap Kalma, expressed the team’s delight on the new collaboration while noting the relevance of the partnership, saying;

“Today’s announcement provides further confirmation of the high interest that sponsors have in Parma Calcio: they recognise the value of our project and want to be part of it. Gravity Sport is an important company in the NFT sector, one which is growing exponentially. We are delighted to have such a high-caliber company at our side and on our shirts. We will take to the pitch together, game after game, to clinch the results that both they and we deserve.”

Moreso, the excitement on the new development appeared to be mutual as the founder at Gravity Sport, Stuart Gallacher, also expressed the company’s delight in the new partnership being an avenue to help them to further steps towards their goals.

“Gravity Sport is absolutely honored to be signing as a Second Partner of Parma Calcio. It’s our belief that our values and ambitions are closely aligned with the historic football club. Success, passion, the potential to grow and creating history is our focus for Parma Calcio, with its fans, the city of Parma, and the wider football community. We are excited to launch, innovate and succeed with such a dedicated forward-thinking football club. It’s such an exciting platform launch for stakeholders, players, fans, media, and the global audiences we are going to reach with this integrated partnership. We are the first global blockchain NFT marketplace to support an elite football club with a Jersey Partnership,” Gallagher said.