Pinkslip Finance Introduces GameFi Services For Users To Earn While Playing Games

Pinkslip Finance metaverse is now venturing into the gameFi industry by assimilating gaming and DeFi elements. In this way, it will bring together DeFi and NFTs, the two most scalable components of the crypto industry. Despite not having launched its token, Pinkslip just concluded its seed sale on Pincubator. The project now looks forward to its Aug. 25 public sale; through which it aims at raising 500 ETH.

Lately, gameFi has been trending in the crypto industry. Essentially, it enables users to earn tokens while playing games. Pinkslip Finance now intends to top in this sector. To participate, users first need to acquire an NFT that is representative of a car. Currently, there are three kinds of NFTs available on the platform – gold, silver, and bronze. They all have different chances of winning, with gold being the highest. Thereafter, users can play fun and easy drag racing games for a chance to win.

To purchase the NFTs, gamers require Pinkslip Finance’s native token, $PSLIP. The token also enables DeFi customers to earn by staking their tokens. Half of the revenue from the NFT sale will be channeled to the staking pool and the other half will be used to fund research and development.

In the upcoming Pinkslip Finance public sale, 12 million tokens will be put up out of the total 30 million fixed supply. For each ETH, users can purchase 7272 $PSLIP. The remaining tokens will be distributed to users in the upcoming weeks through staking. This will give every participant an equal chance of obtaining a staking pass.

Following the public sale, Pinkslip will launch on Uniswap V2. 30% of the funds raised through the public sale will be used to provide the initial liquidity.

Importantly, Pincubator has been a key player in Pinkslip’s success. The project incubator completed a seed sale in 24 hours, giving Pinkslip a great head start.