This Family Put Everything They Had Into Bitcoin And Now Tour The World With A Completely Different Message

Everyone thinks Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are too risky to pour all their wealth into for the obvious reasons of them having huge volatility – everyone is too scared that such wealth could reduce massively within no time but then again no one wants to imagine how rich they could be if that money generates massive wealth in no time.

Well, that is the cautious approach every financial wealth and economic advisers would rather have you assume. 

But not this Dutch family! Didi Taihuttu, his wife, and their three children are living out a challenge. They sold their computer training business, 2,500 square foot home, toys, and everything, to embark on a new style of living. 

“I choose that my life is never boring and to see life as an adventure. Sometimes in life, you take strange steps but they mostly lead to the best things. I took many like these steps in my life and I never regret them. Just like the step I took of selling all our families’ belongings incl. our companies and house and then investing it all in Bitcoin.”

And the purpose of the story is neither to have you take that approach nor the other!

We all have definitely seen a few Internet posts from people crying about how they bought Bitcoin with all their wealth and then it turned to be a source of pain. However, for Taihuttu and his family, it seems as if one’s investment strategy also has a huge say on whether that can happen. 

The family is now happily traveling the world over in what they refer to as “decentralized nomadism,” with backpacks and no luxury goods. And that’s not the only thing they find worth doing with their lives. They also want to teach a different message to the world – it is possible to live without luxury.

They have traveled in 40 countries and do not own any bank accounts. Their wealth – almost all in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin – is safeguarded in vaults in four different continents. The rest is kept with them for trading and other bets.

Taihuttu, 42, played professional football till he was 20, finished school, and started three companies. Then drastically realized he wasn’t living the way he would want to. Then he sold everything including the three companies and started traveling with family to combine all his passion. He wasn’t motivated by Bitcoin then. 

“During the travels, a friend reminded me to check the Bitcoin and Doge coins I mined in 2013. To be honest I lost faith in BTC during the first crash in 2014 but Bitcoin kept crossing my path, even during the family trip.”  

“My life agreed that we were very happy as a traveling family and that we needed to teach the kids that they can be happy without all the luxury we had at home. So we decided to sell our house and all our other belongings to support the revolution and go all-in Bitcoin.”

Together they have authored a book The Bitcoin Family: How Courage Led Us to Fortune (To B or not to B)], all with tips on how to invest in Bitcoin. Not only that, they have now reaped massively from their Bitcoin investments over the years despite the price collapsing to the mid-$3,000s range in 2018. 

The family also films and documents their lifestyle and shares on their YouTube and IGTV channels. Their lifestyle is also being documented by a few professional documentary makers.