It’s our mission to list new cryptoassets (and trading pairs) first.

Nomics Is First to List Cryptoassets & Markets

We’ve always been known for transparency, and you can still learn plenty from our transparency ratings. But we’ve chosen to lead with another strength – our ability to list new assets faster than anyone else.

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That’s why we never charge for expedited listings. There’s no reason to. In fact, by the time most projects email us to request a listing, we’ve already added them.

We currently list over 9,200 active assets – at the time of writing, this represents a ~3x increase over CoinGecko and a ~2x increase over CoinMarketCap.

For our latest listings, click the “new” tab on our homepage: "new assets" tab

We’re Reporters, Not Gatekeepers

If there’s a new cryptoasset out there, we verify its trading activity, but we don’t take Twitter’s temperature or consult the “tastemakers.”

We list coins and markets. You make your own trading and investment decisions.

First to List > First

Our competitors are skeptical of new projects. We want to list them before anyone else.

If you’re looking for an asset or trading pair, start with And be sure to let us know how we’re doing.

link: How are we doing?

Onwards and Upwards,

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