Maxonrow to Create Blockchain-based Document Management System (DMS) Through Partnership With Montenegro’s Capital Market Authority

With concerns to curtail certain technical challenges faced with business entities and organizations, Maxonrow, a leading blockchain technology developer, seeks to utilize its connection with Montenegro’s capital market to provide blockchain solutions that would integrate blockchain into these businesses.

Some of the challenges faced with these organizations are, server costs, energy demands, transaction speed, transaction costs, protection against threats, scalability, data transmission and management, and a lot more.

The intended business solutions will see Maxonrow through its collaboration with CMA develop a vast ecosystem, made up of supernodes that are distributed across the world to provide solutions and meet the various needs of these businesses without the use of intermediaries or boundaries.

CMA Implements Maxonrow’s Blockchain Based Document Management System (DMS)

The partnership demanded Maxonrow to provide a Blockchain-integrated Document Management System (DMS) following plans to highly secure, facilitate and optimise CMA’s financial services operations.

Per the announcement, Montenegro’s CMA is the first international corporate entity to deploy Maxonrow’s Blockchain technology in its ecosystem.

The CMA adopted Maxonrow’s tech operations in their Content Management Systems (CMS) and further implemented Maxonrow’s DMS solutions.

It was noted that Maxonrow has aided the deployment of suitable Blockchain-powered DMS solutions for CMA, hence making it a worthy partnership. President of Montenegro’s Capital Market Authority, Zoran Đikanović, affirmed this saying;

“We’ve chosen Maxonrow as our technology partner because we are happy with their rendered services. While not every aspect of our collaboration has been finalized yet, we are happy with the intelligent, cost-cutting measures and time-saving solutions that Maxonrow has presented to us. With this in mind, we hope to see the completion of our projects and can’t wait to deploy this into our systems, and we look forward to furthering cooperation works with them.”

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Press Contact:Company: MAXONROW Limited
Person: James Chen