Astra Protocol Onboards Phil Hogan As Its New Executive Advisor

Astra protocol has announced Phil Hogan, the former European Commissioner for trade, has joined its Advisory Board as a new executive advisor.

Phil Hogan brings a wealth of experience in international trade and relations gained while serving as the European Commissioner for Trade for nine months from December 2019. During his services, Hogan was entrusted by President of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, with the sensitive job of resolving the trade war between the EU and USA with President Donald Trump.

Hogan was also responsible for negotiating a grave investment deal with China and securing landmark trade deals with Japan and the South American Mercosur bloc. 

In addition to this post, Hogan also had a highly successful political career. Hogan held several senior positions in the Irish Government, including Minister of State at the Department of Finance, and provided strategic advice to Dublin-based The Proof of Trust & Assurance.

While commenting on his new position as part of the Astra advisory board, Hogan explained: “Decentralized finance is becoming increasingly prominent across the world, but the lack of robust, legal protection has hindered progress within major institutions.” Hogan added, “Astra offers the first sustainable and scalable bridge to support the mass adoption of decentralized finance products in the real world. Applications like the Astra protocol are the future, and I’m very pleased to be a part of it.”

Astra Protocol provides a decentralized assurance layer on public blockchains to eliminate fraud and solve disputes between users. The assurance is reportedly also aimed at helping grow the decentralized finance space. Astra acts as a medium between two users who have both agreed to establish a smart contract on either Ethereum, Polkadot, Cardano, and other public blockchains. The protocol comes in to quickly and cost-effectively resolve the issue between the parties. 

Sakhib Waseem, Astra protocol’s Chief Innovation Officer, added:

“We are extremely pleased to announce Phil Hogan is joining our advisory board. His well-recognized experience in international relations, most notably as EU Commissioner of Trade, adds immeasurable value to our position as we continue to bring further partnerships across the globe, supporting our mission to drive trust, assurance, and growth to the DeFi industry as a whole.”