VirtuePoker Celebrating Launch onto BSC With 100 BNB Credit First 100 Depositing Players

Blockchain Poker is a way to play poker tournaments over the blockchain, anonymously, securely and using Bitcoins and other cryptos. Provably fair gaming is the way forward for the poker and gaming industries, as players come to realize the merits of taking the control out of the hands of third-party casinos, and relying instead on the impenetrable, tamperproof blockchain to verify, authenticate and execute transactions.

Virtue Poker, one of the foremost blockchain-based poker sites that have been using the Ethereum blockchain for pitting players against each other on their peer-to-peer platform, is now launching on the Binance Smart Chain, making blockchain history. This makes them the very first licensed, blockchain-based poker app to be compatible with multiple chains.

How Virtue Poker Works?

The app will allow users to deposit in either the BUSD, the Binance USD, which is a USD-denominated stablecoin approved by the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) or the VPP, the native token to the Virtue Poker platform. Deposits are held on a wallet on the Virtue Poker sidechain.

Virtue Poker has big plans “to become the go-to-destination for blockchain based wagering” according to CEO Ryan Gittleson. He added “Our launch on BSC will enable a whole new audience of crypto-enthusiast poker players to more conveniently deposit, wager and play on the Virtue Poker platform.” 

Virtue Poker is running a promotion for the first 100 players to place deposits of at least 1000 VPP, where they will get a credit of an additional 100 BNB tokens. On top of this Virtue Poker will be launching its VPP token on PancakeSwap and a reward program through both PancakeSwap and UniSwap.

Virtue Poker offers gas-free deposits, random ETH drops, lottery giveaways, and regular tournaments where participants can win generous prizes.