Metaverse-backed Stickers Platform Facilitated A $258k NFT Auction

Less than a month since its official launch, the Metaverse-backed Stickers NFT platform hosted the crypto art week Gala night in Shanghai, China on 30th May 2021. According to the platform, upcoming non-fungible tokens (NFTs) creators got a chance to exhibit their artwork to artwork collectors.

Interestingly, an Elon Musk and Dogecoin-inspired NFT sold for a whopping $258,000 during the auction. The artwork dubbed “Iron Mars Doge” was created by Wend the founder of ZUI Design Art Studio.

Additionally, the Stickers NFT Charity Auction facilitated the sale of “Fractist-Galaxy Metaverse” NFT for approximately $60k. Another notable NFT that was auctioned during the Stickers sale event was called the “Vision ETH” which was sold for $55k.

According to the platform, the agenda of the auction was to support upcoming content creators like Wendi. Moreover, the NFT industry has shown the possibility of surging more with the cryptocurrency global adoption.

The artwork by Wendi reportedly attracted more Dogecoin community members during the auction. As a billion-dollar industry, the Dogecoin market has seen a tremendous inflow of new cryptocurrency investors seeking huge volatility and fast profit gains.

Stickers NFT platform is developing infrastructure to help content creators and collectors seamlessly trade. Notably, the platform seeks to connect with the Binance Smart Chain to reach out to a larger global market. 

Tapping the global digital artwork industry has played a major milestone to the earlier bull market that saw Bitcoin to $64k. Through the decentralized financial ecosystem, Metaverse seeks to revolutionize the non-fungible token industry.

“We see many opportunities to innovate with NFTs and incorporate them into the cross-chain DeFi ecosystem. We’re excited to give NFT holders more chances to get rewarded for their participation in the community,” noted Eric Gu, CEO of Gene Finance and founder of Metaverse ETP during the launch of Stickers NFT platform.

The stickers platform provides extra features that make it more competitive in the NFT market. Notably, one of the features that give it a vantage point is token economics dubbed Stickers Tokens (SKS).

According to the firm, users can only mint their NFT if they hold the SKS token. Whereby, the longer one holds the tokens, the more chances of earning Tinders rewards used to facilitate NFT minting.

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