Maiar Joins Huawei Ecosystem To Provide Users Access To Its Blockchain App

Maiar, a blockchain app platform powered by Elrond Network, is now part of the Huawei Ecosystem. As per the announcement, Maira is now available on AppGallery, one of the three-app marketplace available across the globe.

While commenting on the new move, Siri Børsum, Global VP of Finance Vertical, Eco-development & Partnerships at Huawei Consumer Business Group, explained:

“Blockchain technology will play an essential role in advancing the consumer internet, which needs to be mobile, personal, and secure. Maiar’s debut in the AppGallery will empower our customers with an important tool that will help them take control of their financial health.”

Maiar is a digital wallet and global payments app that allows you to exchange and securely store money on your mobile phone. You can use Maiar to send and receive money near-instantly to and from anyone worldwide by just using a phone number or herotag. This is because the platform allows any phone user to get a working blockchain wallet in seconds. The platform has an elegant design and an intuitive interface making it easy for any user to navigate. Its intuitive simplicity allows everyone to store, earn and pay using cryptocurrencies. In addition, through the gamified progressive security, users on the platform have access to their private Swiss bank.

Maiar is powered by the Elrond Network, an internet-scaling blockchain capable of processing about 15,000 transactions per second at negligible cost. Notably, Maiar is free and does not collect any personal data. It offers a digital identity layer that starts with a service mapping the phone number to a wallet address while preserving privacy and allowing users to send money to friends and family via their address book. 

Notably, the platform allows in-app purchases of ETH, EGLD, and BNB using credit cards or bank transfers. In addition, EGLD can be staked to secure the Elrond blockchain and earn periodic rewards for this service. Other features include social payment, news, and daily digest, and advanced security. 

Through this newfound partnership, Maiar will transform any Huawei smartphone into a biometrically secure hardware wallet. Beniamin Mincu, Elrond Network CEO stated:

“Decentralization is about carving new paths and challenging the status quo using technological innovation. The launch of Maiar in Huawei’s AppGallery gives us exposure to a huge new user base, which is essential for our mission to enable access to a high bandwidth and low latency global financial system for anyone, anywhere.”