PARSIQ Adds Wayne Lin, Axia8 Ventures CEO As An Advisor

Wayne Lin, CEO at Axia8 Ventures, joins PARSIQ advisory board as another strong advisor. As per the announcement, Lin will serve as the Strategic Advisor to PARSIQ.

While commenting on the new position, Wayne Lin explained: 

“PARSIQ is the engine driving on-chain data. Axia8 Ventures and my decision to work with PARSIQ in-depth derived from the countless endorsements from clients using the product. The simplicity, feasibility, and future scalability PARSIQ provides are going to authentically benefit project teams and realize the capacity that many are looking for.”

This is not the first time Wayne Lin is serving in an advisory capacity. Over the last couple of years, Lin has directly advised many projects within the blockchain V.C.’s family, including Injective Protocol, Solv Protocol, Dora Factory, and Kira Network. Born in Taiwan, Wayne holds a B.S. in Finance from Babson College with over ten years of study and entrepreneurial experience in the U.S. and China. His professional experiences cover commercial banking, internet crowdfunding and payment, and blockchain investment and consulting.

PARSIQ will reportedly leverage Lin’s expertise and network to grow and expand their operations faster than they are currently doing. 

Since its launch, Axia8 Ventures has been backing various blockchain projects that are focused on decentralized finance. The project majorly focuses on projects within the Solana ecosystem. Some notable projects supported by Axia8 Ventures include Kira Network, Injective protocol, and Solv Protocol. Before investing in the projects, Axia8 also provides crypto projects with the resources they need to deploy best-in-class DeFi solutions. 

Notably, PARSIQ is part of Axia8 Ventures’ investment portfolio. The platform is a blockchain monitoring and workflow automation platform that seeks to bridge blockchains and off-chain applications. The platform enables users to track network activity in real-time, build custom event triggers, unlock new use cases for their application, and real-time power automation.  

Tom Tirman, the PARSIQ CEO, welcomed Lin by stating:  

“We are excited to have Wayne Lin join PARSIQ’s advisory board. Wayne’s industry outlook and network connections will help open various doors for PARSIQ’s technology integrations and help us be laser-focused on providing maximum value to the Solana ecosystem and space as a whole.”

Just last week, PARSIQ added Evan Cheng, the head of Novi Research at Facebook and advisor at Chainlink and Zilliqa.