Bluzelle 2.0: The Emergence of The Creator Economy Through Decentralization

Bluzelle protocol has officially upgraded to version 2.0 with the addition of NFT file storage among the latest features. The team behind the Bluzelle network designed it to have a high throughput of up to 10k transactions per second. As a result, the protocol is capable of storing and retrieving decentralized NFT file storage at a lightning speed, according to the company.

“With its own 10,000 TPS blockchain, multiple modules, and a validator network, Bluzelle is evolving beyond the database to full decentralized storage, including data, files, and more,” Bluzelle noted in a press release.

In a bid to bring out the physical migration to Bluzelle 2.0 network, the firm changed both the logo and the icon. However, the name remained the same.

Bluzelle is on a mission to revolutionize the NFT global market by providing a secure, and reliable storage system. Furthermore, there has been a systemic challenge to NFT holders who have their files stored by a centralized entity. 

Notably, holding a digital artwork on a centralized platform poses risks of data loss should the company fail or get attacked. With Bluzelle 2.0, NFT holders are guaranteed safety as the data is stored with different nodes that are selected randomly to avoid any data compromise.

Since the calendar flipped, the team behind Bluzelle launched the staking program, cross-chain bridges, mainnet databases, and oracles. All the recently launched services have now been merged to form the Bluzelle 2.0. Consequently, the Bluzelle network enables Defi builders to develop with more resources at the fingertips.

“Instead of going to multiple places for your infrastructure needs, Bluzelle can provide all in one place. And by adding full EVM support, we are able to support not just Ethereum but also Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, and Fantom.

A defi application and a scientist both need to store files and data, get real-world data through oracles, and be connected to other chains,”.

The cryptocurrency bull market has attracted a lot of global investors and developers who seek to tap on decentralized blockchain technology. The race to get more users has led to the market growing at a fast speed. Different cryptocurrency projects are working on improving system activities to add to the utility value. Bluzelle seeks to combine all chains to tap on all markets.