Apollo Space Token's Decentralized Star Naming Registry Marks Huge Success in Just a Week of Launch

It is no doubt that Non Fungible Tokens have emerged as an instrument of high significance in the crypto sector considering its successes and the rising enthusiasm it keeps gaining in the industry.

Initiated NFT projects are thereby making consistent success stories while gaining the interests of top celebrities all around the world.

Relatively, a newly launched NFT-Like project dubbed Star Naming Registry is seen gaining massive interest from top celebrities around the globe, in just a week after it was launched.

As announced in a recent press release, the project was initiated by the Apollo Space Token, a digital asset built to reward investors who bag the token in large quantities. 

Reports revealed that it is the latest token launched on Binance’s Smart Chain. With few of its developers being non-discreet with their profiles, it appears that they have multiple connections to current professional athletes via their various experiences in athletics.

In a bid to introduce the NFT mechanism into the system while rebranding the Star Naming Registry with GenZ, Apollo Space Token has come up with the idea of a decentralized Star Naming Registry.

Following the announcement, the project is designed to lay its focus on people, especially celebrities who are freaky over the fantasies of space, solar systems, and stars while rendering “intergalactic services” to them.

To further elaborate on the primary aim of the project, the announcement reads;

“Apollo Space Token is in the process of developing a decentralized star naming registry that will allow its users to purchase and transfer ownership of any of the stars named in their registry”

The project is aimed at providing users with an opportunity to write their names in the stars.

“……AST offers the opportunity to be among the stars today itself with your name secured on a decentralized ledger,” it further explained.

The platform will be solely managed and controlled by the team behind AST.

$1.5 million MarketCap in Just One Week of Launch

Quite interestingly, the mechanism adopted by the new project seems to have swiftly attracted the interest of the public especially top celebrities.

Following the announcement, the project has gained the interest of many celebrities and has marked a Market Cap of $1.5 million within a week of its launch.

Thus, the project seems indeed “unique” as noted by the AST foundation.