Raze Protocol Announces UI Voting Campaign Ahead of Testnet Launch

Raze Protocol, a privacy protocol based on the Polkadot network, is launching a UI voting campaign to get users’ input ahead of testing their testnet. The network has gone through several processes such as the listing of its token RAZE on Uniswap, to reach the testnet stage.

As part of events to rally support for the testnet, the Raze network is organizing activities such as competitions and challenges. It will also airdrop its RAZE token to ten lucky winners based on how much participation they generated during the testing period.

Raze protocol seeks to test critical aspects of the network to ensure it is suitable for final use. The network is designed to provide privacy of transactions for the DeFi space. Users who participate in the testing of the network will be able to give feedback on how the design can be improved to make it more user-friendly for the end-user.

The protocol will leverage Polkadot’s ecosystem to provide a privacy layer that will guard the anonymity of all DeFi stacks on Polkadot. The launch of the testnet is expected to greatly expand adoption for dApps and smart contracts through more strategic partnerships. The decision to engage as many participants in the testing as possible is in line with Raze network’s vision of creating a platform that is easy to use for even the least experienced user.

The first cross-chain privacy protocol for Polkadot, Raze network is designed to provide end-to-end privacy across the DeFi ecosystem for send and receiving tokens as well as trading. This it intends to achieve while preserving the freedom associated with DeFi and cryptocurrency in general and at the same time removing surveillance. Part of the network’s plans is to list its token, RAZE on centralized exchanges as well in the future to bring it to users even outside the DeFi space.