PARSIQ Now Offers Compatibility For Smart Triggers With The Polkadot Relay Chain

PARSIQ announced that its smart trigger technology is now integrated with the Polkadot Relay Chain, thanks to their new partnership.

The partnership will allow PARSIQ to reach a larger audience who will receive transaction alerts through the platform. Notably, PARSIQ is also integrated into Bitcoin, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, DASH, Celo, and Algorand. 

A smart trigger is effectively a PARSIQ smart contract that collects data from different blockchains and relies that data off-chain. A smart trigger relay Web3 activity to the Web2 application. Unlike oracles, Smart-Triggers are flexible, fully customizable, easy to use, and tailored for any user’s needs. The mass information gathered can be filtered, aggregated, and specified down to the minutest criteria. This process reportedly cuts on time requirements, eliminates unnecessary information transferal, and develops upon the core of oracle interoperability.

PARSIQ aims to monitor data and automation across blockchains. Notably, it can validate and process large volumes of real-time data simultaneously. This can be done through the data management layer by making use of chain-specific feature extraction. 

PARSIQ smart triggers have a far-reaching functionality allowing developers can to build their smart triggers for data workflow automation, storage, and learning. Notably, these smart triggers react to events and are able to store and alter data. They can reportedly learn from the data as they grow.

In addition to monitoring data and creating alerts, PARSIQ can also deploy bots. For instance, these bots can monitor AML or perform automated accounting

In addition to the new partnership, both platforms share a similar ideology. Like PARSIQ, Polkadot seeks to bridge data across a huge network of chains. It also seeks to leave all chains completely equal, where each chain has its personal real-world uses and strengths. PARSIQ itself acts as the bridge between chains and off-chain applications as well.

Small businesses and large enterprises can implement on-chain analysis using PARSIQ’s blockchain connection automation, fully customizable workflows, and versatile integration selection. Spanning on-chain data and off-chain apps, workflows can be augmented with conditional logic, aggregate, formatting of data, and far more to effectuate all analysis targets. Each developer’s data stream is unique with its branding retaining and pricing structure, even while it is growing and learning from the entire network.