TeraBlock Unveils Fully Automated Algorithm to Simplify Cryptocurrency Trading

TeraBlock, a platform designed to help cryptocurrency traders manage their portfolios with machine-learning-driven automation, has announced the launch of its fully automated algorithm.

According to Shivam Tandon, TeraBlock founder, the fully automated algorithm will help both novice and experienced traders customize and simplify cryptocurrency trading amid heightened volatility. As a result, the firm aims to onboard more retail traders who fear losing their investment due to flash trades into the crypto market.

“We started TeraBlock in the wake of crypto-assets evolution, to be the simplest machine learning-based trading platform to help people make the most out of trading crypto-assets,” Tandon noted.

Consequently, the firm will benefit from more users who use its automated algorithm to access the cryptocurrency market. Notably, the firm has already raised a total of $2,540,000 from private investors and anticipates holding an initial DEX offering in less than six days. TeraBlock attracted over 114 private investors spanning from over 39 countries who purchased approximately 66 million tokens.

During the oncoming initial DEX offering, the company anticipates raising $400,000 from the public. 

According to the whitepaper, TeraBlock uses well-tested trading methods with a competitive analysis to ensure higher profitability for the users. The company has partnered with Binance to ensure users’ funds are safe. Besides, Binance Cloud provides the exchange technology infrastructure to enable the company to focus on its core business. Furthermore, the partnership also assists traders to seamlessly exchange desired digital assets both on the platform and through an OTC portal.

Thereby, cryptocurrency traders have an easy time making profits amid the ongoing bull market that has seen most digital assets spike in volatility. Especially fueled by the proliferation of institutional investors into the cryptocurrency industry, particularly the decentralized financial ecosystem (Defi).

Besides providing an automated algorithm for cryptocurrency traders, TeraBlock has partnered with other firms to help users deposit funds into their accounts. Additionally, the firm accepts bank transfer, a feature that makes it unique thus capable of reaching millions of global traders.

Through the new automated trading platform, users have the choice to create a set of trading strategies to enable stop loss and take profits. However, the platform can manage user’s investments without any interference and realize profits after automated trade executions.

The innovation is expected to help the cryptocurrency industry by adding in the market capitalization.