March 8, 2020, Curacao –The online gambling industry is expected to surpass $80 billion by the end of this year. With such big money on the plate, this industry is growing limitless with more and more players hopping onto the bandwagon. Up until today, there are over a million fake and scammy online casinos created just for this purpose. Due to this, many unsuspecting and inexperienced players became victims of these fake online casinos – mainly due to a lack of transparency and legitimacy. Many of them even deliberately hide data like gaming results, winnings, payouts and more. There’s no way around this, except for blindly trusting these websites when we play.

Does it mean that players have to accept their fate, while constantly taking chances in trusting these sites blindly? The answer is NO. Thanks to Blockchain technology, the paradigm of online gambling can be transformed from scammy to trustworthy.

Trustworthy online casinos like KawBet had already integrated Blockchain technology into their system, bringing players fair game all times. Yes, it means that… Bitcoin casinos are now real.

With Bitcoin highly accessible across the Philippines (even all the 7-Eleven stores in the country sell Bitcoin) KawBet has created a convenient and secure way for players to enjoy online gambling to a greater extent!

KawBet is the pride of Philippines because:

  • Decentralization & Transparency

Traditional online casinos are centralized – which means the players rely on the gambling operator to receive results and winnings. Many online casinos had been manipulating and altering data to their own advantage due to this.

On the other hand, bitcoin casinos like KawBet are completely decentralized and free from third-parties. Players will have full transparency of what’s going on without any ‘behind the scenes’ shenanigans. Results are made public so no one can ever deny your winnings!

  • Fast & Secured Transactions

Blockchain-based systems like KawBet’s have way faster and secured transactions as compared to the  traditional online gambling system – cutting down days of waiting time.

Additionally, cryptocurrency transactions are way secured as compared to traditional transactions. The blockchain system is tamper-proof due to two reasons:

  1. “Cryptographic fingerprint” – a hash that is unique to each block of information (a transaction in this case).
  2. “Consensus protocol” – Where parts of the network “agree on a shared history.”

Which means, altering a hash will affect the entire chain, which makes it impossible to do any altering = zero fraudulence.

Traditional online casinos are also a dangerous playland for many, because there’s lack of privacy and anonymity. Can you imagine getting a huge win, just to have people knowing WHO you are? To create a safety net, Blockchain-based systems like KawBet ensures that all players remain anonymous.

It’s clear that Blockchain technology has brought the online gambling industry to the future. Players are now free to enjoy their favourite games without worries of getting scammed or robbed of their winnings. The bottom line; KawBet shifted the paradigm of online gambling in more ways than one – mostly with advantages that favour players more than ever.

KawBet also guarantees:

  • Process payments smoothly and reliably.
  • Offer betting access to all major events.
  • Maintain an interesting selection of games and events.
  • Set the odds as highest as possible in the market.
  • Respond to any inquiries or feedback that you have.
  • Keep all of your information secure and private.
  • Kawbet also offers 25 different cryptocurrencies to choose from deposit and withdrawals including BTC, ETH and many more.

Most importantly, at KawBet, you are a VIP. Hence, your feedback and satisfaction will always be prioritized.