Hello Community, we have a lot of exciting updates to bring to you. Since our unveiling in Consensus NYC in march 2018, the Ferrum Team has been hard at work at developing the tech for the product. Below are the development updates.


The Ferrum Beta Wallet is finally a reality. The Ferrum Wallet enables a user to trade in any crypto assets regardless of chain. “The Ferrum Wallet is a game-changer in the world of crypto, the ability to trade any assets with super low fees and lightning quick transactions will revolutionize the industry” says Naeim Yeganeh PhD and founder of Ferrum Network. The Ferrum beta wallet currently supports FRM tokens, BTC, ETH, True USD, Gemini Dollar, and XRP. “The speed and ease of use is absolutely breathtaking, we are excited to be part of a project that will lead to mass adoption of digital assets” states Ian M. Friend Esq, co-founder of Ferrum Network. Extensive speed tests performed on the platform have demonstrated instantaneous transfer of cryptocurrency assets.

Screenshot of the Ferrum Beta Wallet.


Ferrum is proud to announce the creation of the first dApp on the Ferrum platform. The Ferrum OTC dApp will support OTC deals of any cryptocurrency to any other cryptocurrency. Ferrum OTC eliminates the need for an escrow service or a middleman. Finally, you can have OTC deals anytime, anywhere, with any terms or conditions, without fear of fraud or scams. We have conducted several tests with OTC dealers, and they are very excited about the potential of the OTC Platform. Transactions are performed using the underlying smart contract of the Ferrum platform making these OTC deals extremely fast and secure. Fees are paid with FRM (Ferrum) Tokens. The OTC platform has been integrated into the Ferrum Wallet, and it is currently functional as a prototype.


Ferrum is proud to announce the creation of the second dApp on the Ferrum platform, the Ferrum Decentralized Exchange (fe dex). The Ferrum Decentralized Exchange is more advanced than any other DEX’s out there. The exchange enables trading of non erc-20 tokens with erc-20 tokens in a completely decentralized manner. In the Ferrum Decentralized exchange, fees are extremely low, and the speed has been optimized to support a large community of users. Ferrum currently has a fully working prototype that can be accessed by anyone. Please head over to Ferrum’s website to apply for access.

Screenshot of the Ferrum Decentralized Exchange.


Ferrum is proud to announce the creation of the third dApp on the Ferrum Platform. Kudi Exchange aims to be Africa’s top exchange and fiat gateway. Kudi Exchange will support the Ferrum Tokens (FRM), which will be used for fees and processing within the Kudi ecosystem. The team members plan to deploy the prototype and testnet in Nigeria at the end of this year. Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa, and also has the largest population in the region. Nigeria is also #7 on the BTC worldwide trade volume, thus, it only makes sense for Ferrum / Kudi to focus on Nigeria first. Kudi expects the website and prototype to be ready by November 2018. Kudi Exchange is also one of the sponsors of the TLG Lagos Crypto Summit 2018. We can expect a heavy marketing push for Kudi during the summit.



Ferrum is proud to announce the creation of the fourth dApp on the Ferrum Platform. The Ferrum Sub-Zero wallet aims to provide cold storage for all. This groundbreaking software aims to turn any old android device into a cold storage device. According to current testing, a combination of the Sub-zero wallet and an Andriod device is more secure than the Ledger nano or the Trezor. Users will be able to stake a designated amount of Ferrum Tokens (FRM) in order to access and install the Sub-zero wallet. The Ferrum team expects the prototype to be available by October 2018.

Screenshot of Ferrum Wallet interacting with the SubZero Wallet

The Ferrum team and advisors are extremely excited about the overall progress of the project. As you can see, the Ferrum Token (FRM) has confirmed use cases. Ferrum will be launching the ICO with four revenue generating dApps. Please join the telegram, and stay tuned for more information regarding the dApp or the token generation event.

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