HONG KONG, June 29, 2018 – Tombola is a reliable lottery platform which draws on the blockchain basis. Users may be able to purchase lottery tickets through the virtual currency and proceed with that game, while the prizes will be automatically distributed according to the winning. A person will be freely to use the value they purchase or win by using the various game services being offered here and the available distribution systems. This will provide user with the ability to increase their value at the same time.

The problems exist through the current lottery industry is it the winning being decide through fair drawing. For example in a case happened in Shanxi China, the rule exists that there should be only four winners in the industry there but a 19 years old boy won a BMW prize. However the boy is sued when trying to collect the ticket and is called for forging the ticket. But the sport lottery ticket contractor has predetermined the four winners before the draws and the boy is part of the procedural mistake.

While the second case sees a person tries to retrieve a price of 14.3 million on the Hot Lotto in 2010 in the name of an anonymous overseas listed company. As a result, an information security officer from US Multi-State Lottery Association confessed on manipulating the random number generators with two accomplices and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. The other issues that have been revolving around the current lottery industry are the transparency in the usage of the funds and also finally problems of the existing blockchain lottery services.

Currently the focus is on Lotto tickets, we don’t want to focus on Lotto as we want to focus on various possible games, and the gambling. As Lotto game is not the only thing the investors can play and to long term investors who have participated in the ICO, 50% of the revenue from the gambling platform on a regular basis.

This shows that even the lottery industry is facing a lot of changes now, why don’t we go along with the flow? With blockchain influencing the lottery, fairness will be treated in a proper way after all.


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